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> Well, I'll try this one....
> In a seder (passover feast), which most argue the Last
> Supper was, one of
> the elements is "bitter herbs," to symbolize the
> bitterness of Israel's
> oppression.
> In some parts of the world, the herb (which can be any
> bitter herb) is
> horseradish.  Which, appropriately, induces tears.
> So, I'm guessing it's horseradish.
> I talked to a rabbi, and he said that different areas
> adapted the ceremony
> to whatever was available, herb-wise.

I, too, think it's likely to be horseradish, but I doubt whether this lione of argument works. Two of the pictures, after all, show the wedding at Cana, only one the Last Supper, and none of the food on the table otherwise indicates a pessach seder (there's certainly raised bread in evidence). 

How does the Eastern Orthodox tradition handle the passover tie-in anyway? (in Catholic art there is rarely any hint of passover tradition on the table, but frequently fish is being served as a hit-someone-with-a-2-by-4 symbolic hint). 

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