[Sca-cooks] Kitchen aid for corn cobs

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Why not make Corn Cob Jelly?
Just follow the Apple Jelly recipe on the Sure Jell package, and you will have a really good jelly that is corn sweet and corn tasty. 
If I ever do it again, I will add mint...

I used Silver Queen Corn. We had cut and scraped the cobs.
We boiled the cobs for about 15-20 minutes and saved the liquid. What I did with the cobs was 'wring' them out, once they cooled enough to touch. I was greedy-I wanted all of the good stuff from the kernal. ;-)
I used the liquid for the jelly, after filtering it through clean muslin.

Since the cobs will be somewhat softened with the boiling, they can be easily chopped into pieces with a knife aand composted.?this is much easier then getting yourself in trouble with?your wife.

Delurking Helen
Who has been known to experiment with Olde Country Cooking a time or two...stewed neckbones, anyone?

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How effictive is a Kitchen Aid for grinding up corn cobs? This year I have a 
small cor patch and am frezing the cron and am thinking about grinding up the 
cobs to compost them, but don't want ot ruin the wife Kitchen Aid doing it.
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