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--- Ian Kusz <sprucebranch at gmail.com> schrieb am Sa, 21.6.2008:

> Also, am I likely to get a pure, imbibable, palatable, tasty
> beverage if I
> just get the basic beverage, and pop some brewer's
> yeast in it, and let it go?  Reliably?
Probably not. As in cooking, using fresh, safe ingredients reduces your risk of failure, but you still have to know what you're doing. 

That said, you can make a viable alcoholic beverage from potato peelings, or from gummi bears, or from the syrup pienapples are canned in. Anyone who ever spent time in an environment where alcohol is controlled knows abpout this. If you know any WWII navy veterans, ask them about 'torpedo juice' some time. The problem is the 'palatable' part. 

> Would this be a licquer?  A fruit wine?

I think technically, you'd be looking at a fruit wine. Very technically. 
> I'm just curious as to how feasible it is to do this
> with a store-bought
> product....most of the brewers I know have a personal mix
> they use...and I
> know nothing of brewing, so it's magic.
> I'm just wondering how difficult it is to provide
> something to the common
> hangover.  Does the "stuff" take up a lot of
> space?  And so on.

My friend brews on a medium scale in his cellar. To make a basic alcoholic something, all you need is a sufficiently large copntainer to make the effort worthwhile, so it can be done in a corner out of the way (in fact, it is traditionally done under stairs, in unused bunk spaces, in storage cellars or elsewhere the CPO, Sergeant or prison guard won't notice). 

If you want to do it right, you will want to get yourself a proper brewing kit (big glass balloon, stopper, airlock and commercial yeast culture) and a recipe book. I don't know how much it costs and what the lergal ramifications are where you live, but I just had six monthy of fun with customs & excise when I bought a home still, so be prepared for interesting times. 


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