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Ian of Oertha asked some questions about brewing here and in another  

<<< Also, am I likely to get a pure, imbibable, palatable, tasty  
beverage if I
just get the basic beverage, and pop some brewer's yeast in it, and  
let it
go?  Reliably? >>>

Maybe. A lot of it depends upon the juice that you start from. The  
yeast will also affect the result as do a number of other factors.  
One of the problems using store-bought juices is that they may have  
been treated with preservatives, such as vitamin C, which may inhibit  

drinkable? May depend upon your own definition of that. I don't  
particularly care for Scotch and most beers. Some people like kumiss  
(fermented mare's milk).

<<< Would this be a licquer?  A fruit wine? >>>

This will vary and it isn't always consistent. I've wondered why Sake  
is considered a rice wine, when it seems more of an ale or beer, myself.

For a lot more on brewing and specific recipes for a lot of  
beverages, you might want to look at the files in the BEVERAGES  
section of the Florilegium. Such as:

brewing-msg       (68K) 10/31/06    General brewing info and sources.

Cordials can be an easy item for beginners to make. I would also  
recommend mead. I've never had a mead fail, but the only time I  
succeeded with Apple Cider was by accident. Others will likely  
disagree on what the easiest would be for beginners.

12-Step-Mead-art  (16K)  6/15/08    "The Twelve Step Method to Making  
                                        by Master Rurik Petrovitch  
Mead-Mkng-Tps-art  (9K)  6/23/05    "Mead Making Tips" by Byron Whited.
mead-msg         (170K)  7/ 5/04    Making mead. Honey based  
alcoholic beverage.

cordials-msg     (126K)  2/26/06    Period cordials and liqueurs. SCA  

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