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< < < < Most nasties make your brew taste vile anyway, so there's not much
risk of
poisoning yourself.   > > >

Brother Papazian is very 'oft quoted, "no known lathogens can live in beer."
I can attest that it is very easy to brew up some foul tasting junk that
won't kill you.  I teste every batch I brewed, and regretted more than a few
before pouring in the drain.

Now, you can ferment nearly any fluid that contains sugars in low enough
concentration.  Master A hit it right that you'd do well to rig a
fermentation lock with at least a stopper, some vinyl tubing and a bucket of
water.  Open and seal a bottle is risky, and could lead to

Jailhouse fermenters make some form of foul beverage using bread yeast and
tang, so there you go.  It'll probably strip varnish, but won't kill you.
Precision, proper tools, pH levels, customized yeast strains, and sanitation
all give you far recuded chance of infections and lower feusel alcohols and
by products that product off flavors.  Refines the process.  Put some raw
fruit juice in a jar outside on a hot day with some cheesecloth over it, and
you'll get an alcoholic beverage, sure enough.

niccolo difrancesco

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