[Sca-cooks] brewing

Ian Kusz sprucebranch at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 02:53:24 PDT 2008

Okay, dragon...would you recommend a book or resource for me, then?  What do
you think of the Florilegium articles  (the one on beer has a recipe)?  And,
does your advice refer solely to beer/ale?

On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 7:04 PM, Dragon <dragon at crimson-dragon.com> wrote:

> Betsy Marshall did speak thusly:
>> The joy of Homebrewing  by Charles Papazian has all you'll ever need to
>> know- I recommend starting with one of the used volumes
>> http://www.amazon.com/New-Complete-Joy-Home-Brewing/dp/0380763664
> ---------------- End original message. ---------------------
> As popular as that book is, it is not a very good reference for making GOOD
> beer.
> --
> Ian of Oertha

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