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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Ian of Oertha said:

<<< Anyway, I'm going to see if there's any way for me to get  
involved in this
with a minimum of equipment (which I have no place to put)...maybe  
I'll try
a couple of methods in parallel. >>>

Start out using one gallon jugs of juice. You can drink it as is, or  
use it for your first brewing. But one gallon glass jugs are easy to  
come by at your local grocery, they are easier to handle than the 5- 
gallon ones, and the ingredients cost less. If you find a recipe or  
type of beverage you like, then you can move up to larger batches.

I had the same problem on lack of space in my old house. I only had  
the two bathrooms which were uncarpeted. When my lady moved in, and  
later became my wife, I lot one of the bathrooms and stopped brewing.  
Our new house has a large room which is not carpet, but I've yet to  
start brewing again.

<<< Oh....and, according to one of the brewing books I saw, even  
private brewing
isn't legal without an inspection of your facilities....is that true?  

Again, it depends upon what country you are in, which I don't think  
you've told us yet. In the U.S. you can not distill without a  
difficult to get license. Period. Even freeze-distilling is  
technically illegal. Brewing also has a maximum amount that can be  
legally brewed per household.  I suspect that some of the larger  
volume SCA brewers probably, maybe unintentionally, exceed this. The  
US federal laws for both brewing and distilling can be found in the  
Florilegium. As far as I'm aware there is no federally required  
inspection of your facilities. But then again, you can't legally sell  
what you brew, either. There may be local laws that require  
inspections, though.

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