[Sca-cooks] brewing

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Mon Jun 23 08:26:39 PDT 2008

> > I thought such books only covered beer....
>There are many books available for making wine.  I highly recommend The 
>Joy of Home Wine Making by Terry A. Garey (a former SCAdian and we're even 
>mentioned in the book) and  Winemaking: Recipes, Equipment, and Techniques 
>for Making Wine at Home by Stanley F. Anderson and Dorothy Anderson who 
>are the Papazians of home wine making.

Another book you might find interesting is "Folk wines, cordials & 
brandies: ways to make them, together with some lore, reminiscences, and 
wise advice for enjoying them," by M.A. Jagendorf (NY: Vanguard Press, 
1963).  I picked up my copy because they name caught my eye (it turned out 
one of the professors I worked for was the author's son), and thought the 
topic interesting.  I'll admit I haven't tried anything yet, so I have no 
idea if any of the recipes are good (or the instructions appropriate for 
beginners) but it's got info on wines from just about everything.


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