[Sca-cooks] brewing

Beth Ann Bretter ladypeyton at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 05:07:08 PDT 2008

> Not to mention "A Sip in Time" by Cindy
> Renfrew...covers all sorts of potent
> potables!

"A Sip Through Time" by Cindy Renfrow is certainly a decent source if you are interested in period brewing recipes, but if you looking for a good period source strictly for winemaking and period cordials I'd recommend finding a copy of Arnald de Villanova's "Book of Wine" first.  Mostly because the wine making section in Sip is small and rather post period heavy while Arnald's entire book was printed in period (and reprinted, since the 1948 translation readily available was actually a poorly researched, documented and attributed German translation published in the 15th century).

The two books I recommended earlier are not historical but are great for getting a good foundation of wine making knowledge before you delve into the historical aspect.  

Another excellent book, which is strictly historical background and includes no recipes, is "Monks and Wine" by Desmond Seward.



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