[Sca-cooks] recipes w/spice

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IIRC, recipes for Hippocras powder (id est*, the spice blend used to spice 
Hippocras) has got all three of those spices in it.  At least, the variant 
that our local pusher/producer (Mst. Annys) does....
And I'd imagine some of the other spice blends do, as well...
--Maire, using the full Latin up above (*) because my sodding email system 
insists on incorrectly capitalizing the "I."  Damn....it just did it again! 
<grumble, grumble....>

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> I apologize for the laziness (due to getting over being sick and lack of
> concentration) but does anyone have off hand a simple medieval or
> Renaissance recipe that uses galangal, grains of paradise, or cubeb in it.
> I've only used them to spice up modern recipes.
> I have a little more then I normally use in a year so I am giving some to 
> a
> budding cook and would like to give a recipe with them for her to try. 

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