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Of all the books i have, only this one any directions for curing a new tajine.

Most typical tajines are plain red earthenware and only glazed on the 
inside. There are also fancy tajines glazed inside and out in typical 
Moroccan colors and patterns. I suspect these are chiefly for 
serving, not cooking in, but i am not 100% certain.

Most Moroccans cook over charcoal, some use small two-burner kerosene 
stoves. When i was there, the educated middle-class family hosting my 
daughter had a modern stove in their apartment kitchen that they 
never used, and a little two burner unit that sat on a counter top 
that they did use. I never asked why - it is possible that there was 
no longer gas going to the building.

 From "Taste of Morocco"
by Robert Carrier
pub: Boxtree Ltd., UK, 1996
ISBN 0 7522 1039 4

p. 161
"How to Mature a New Moroccan Tajine

"Moroccan glazed earthenware tajines are 'matured' and 'flavoured' at 
a low temperature in the oven with aromatics before using, to (1) 
remove any earthenware flavour from the new tajine; (2) impregnate 
the tajine with aromatic flavours; (3) ensure the new tajine is 
introduced gently to heat before being used over charcoal (in the 
Moroccan manner) or (protected by an asbestos heat diffuser) on top 
of the stove.

"In the bottom of the tajine, combine 1 peeled and sliced onion, 4 
sliced carrots, 2 cloves peeled garlic, and 1 bay leaf with 1.1 
liter/2 pints water and 4 tablespoons olive oil. Cover with conical 
lid of tajine and cook in a preheated cool oven (140-150 C / 275-300 
F / Gas 1-2) for 30-40 minutes, or until vegetables are tender. 
Remove tajine from oven and allow to cool gradually to room 
temperature before removing ingredients and washing tajine."


Note that i have not done this myself, i'm only repeating what 
Carrier says. I cannot make any guarantees.
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