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> The first thing to do is to get the Laurelate to care.  If they care and
> encourage thier apprentices to care...
> If they make it clear that any apprentices they intend to consider taking
> need to show their talents through entries at A/S...

Some artisans really don't like competitions.  I always found them
very stressful, and I think I've only entered two in my entire SCA
career.  [creaky rocking chair] One of them was Ice Dragon, before
Athelmaerc became a Principality.  The other was at Pennsic (held
under in a canopy in front of the Bathhouse, because the Barn was used
for merchants).  [/creaky rocking chair]

OTOH, I was very pleased that around the time that I was getting
serious about my A&S work, the East had several reigns that encouraged
*exhibitions*.  Those I could enter without elevating my blood
pressure to dangerous levels.

I think A&S should be fun.  And clearly, there are people who love
competitions, and are motivated by them.  I just think that there
should be plenty of non-competitive venues as well.

Brighid ni Chiarain, OL
Robin Carroll-Mann
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