[Sca-cooks] Historical Apples

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Sat Nov 1 20:07:22 PDT 2008

>So boiling it down, I want to know:
>** which of the typical commercial apples available generally in the 
>US are as close as one can come to SCA- period apples**

I don't think that question is answerable. We know of a number of 
different varieties of apples that existed in period and there were 
probably a lot more varieties we don't know about. Some would have 
been similar to some modern apples, some to others. My guess would be 
that they, like us, had some varieties for cooking, some for eating 
out of hand.

Elizabeth's memory of the Summer Rambo's we used to buy for Pennsic 
is that they were early apples, green, a little sour but not very.

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