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Solveig Throndardottir nostrand at acm.org
Sun Nov 2 16:01:59 PST 2008

Noble Cousin!

Greetings from Solveig!
>> Oh you got to be kinding! Why were the judges expecting it
>> to be "authentic" apples? Were they expecting the person to
>> have researched the apple variety? Well why stop at apples,
>> why not make it with period wheat.(sarcasm)
>> How "expert" was the entrant?
This says very little about the actual judges or judging, but it
quite reasonable to add points for information about authentic
varieties of apples and yes wheat. Modern wheat varieties
appear to be quite different from medieval wheat varieties.
You can also comment on milling processes. Wheat is
infamous for having rather complex genetics. There are
fairly interesting articles out there about how plants change
as they are being domesticated. One common pattern is a
shift from perennials to annuals and in extreme cases to
plants which are incapable of self-reproducing. Further,
modern plant varieties are often engineered for storage
properties and things other than taste.

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