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Kiri wrote:
>Actually, there was an event in Atlantia last weekend that featured
>competitions, but with a slight difference.  The competitions were sponsored
>by members of the Order of the Laurel, and included different kinds of
>challenges to the entrants.  I can't remember any specifics but they were
>more imaginative than most others.

Thanks for this, Kiri!

Were the different competitions written down anywhere i might be able 
to track them down? On a flyer or e-mail list or web posting that 
someone in Atlantia could share to me?

I just took the post of Principality Sciences Minister in June - my 
first event  was Fall Coronet - with a pathetic turnout - i was 
hoping for more than the one entry i got, but i wasn't expecting 
much. Anyway, in the past few months i was talking to my Principality 
Seneschal among other things about a year without competitions (he's 
a Laurel and a Knight and we were brainstorming)... Then i mentioned 
this to the Kingdom level A&S officers... and now *they're* talking 
about a year without competitions!

But i'm still looking for ideas for displays, special projects, and 
even competitions if my new Arts counterpart is not amenable to my 
"radical" ideas. They haven't stepped up yet, aren't responding to my 
e-mails - i've been told to take a deep breath and give them time. 
But i'm so excited about the possibility of trying new things and 
seeing if anything works - and i know that 2 years - our normal term 
of office - is really not long enough to tell - and that the person 
who comes after usually undoes everything and goes back to the usual 
standard 4 competitions per year - but i can hope and dream :-)

Plus, i've been trying to get an A&S report together before our new 
P&P step up on 22 November, since the outgoing officers didn't 
present on at Coronet for various reasons, some of which i can 
excuse. Anyway, in less than 2 weeks i got reports from 10 of the 15 
branches of the Principality - that's a good - i probably won't hear 
from the other 5. And i've been corresponding with the Seneschals or 
MOAS of those branches that are doing a lot and trying to get ideas 
from them. It's clear that having Laurels involved seems to help.
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