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Thank you so much for the web site. My sister in Oklahoma just received her  
first "deer" for the year. Her husband is a black powder enthusiast and she is 
 sending it to the processor. Before they always asked for steaks and burger 
as  she did not know how to cook a roast or larger haunches. I am anxious to 
see her  results at the holiday table this year.   Now to talk her out of some  
meat. We are the "poor" relatives out here in California who can't take meat 
for  food in their own backyard. Every year we bring back a whole suitcase of 
frozen  venison on the plane and ration it out all year long.  Drives the 
security  people crazy!
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Larding  is described in a number of recipes:
from *A Book of Cookrye    *(England, 1591)
The original source can be found at Mark and Jane Waks'  website 

To Roast  Venison. First perboile it, and then make it tender cast it 
into cold  water, then Lard it and roste it, and for sauce take broth, 
Vinagre,  Pepper, Cloves and mace, with a little salt and boile these 
togither and  serve it upon your Venison.

There are several more in the same book  that mention larding vension.

There's a description with nice photos  at


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