[Sca-cooks] Robin the Bandit - Help!

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 15:22:38 PST 2008

    My cleaning woman has named him, my three month old kitten, Robin 
the Bandit instead of Robin of Sherwood Forest. It is a war against who 
is the Lord of this house the kitten or me the lady. We started on 
second week of toilet training yesterday and he would not accept his 
graduation to a hole in his kitten seat on the toilet. He did not go to 
the bathroom all day yesterday - in Chile we have no kitty liter that 
can go down the toilet so I had to do something else. I spent many 
afternoons making kitty litter out of newspaper and tissue thanks to 
your recipes. Robin would not accept it. He did nothing but eat all that 
paper I prepared for him.
    Probably as Ohama accepted the Presidency, Robin decided he was 
thirsty but needs to drink water out of my glass cause he likes me and 
thinks what I do is right. I was sound asleep as it was 1 am here, I 
woke up to the sound of the moving glass. It fell on top of me. That is 
cold story.
    At 6 am Robin wanted to pee. I ran to the bathroom faster than him 
and I put water in the bathtub. No sooner done Robin jumped in. (I know 
cats.) Then he jumped up to his training seat on the toilet, which is 
adjacent and filled his paws with kitty litter. Then he jumped to the 
floor and decorated the entire apartment with kitty litter. . .

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