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Thu Nov 6 14:22:55 PST 2008

Susan Fox wrote:

> Stefan li Rous wrote:
>> Selene replied to me with:
>> Stefan li Rous wrote:

>> > Where did this blue state-red state come from?
>> Curiously, from television coverage of national elections.  It's not
>> like there was a great agreement amongst the TV networks, it just kind
>> of evolved as a convention. >>>
>> Thank you. I guess this happened after color television became 
>> common.  But why red and blue? And why blue for the Democrats and red 
>> for the Republicans?  It would have been rather confusing if different 
>> stations/newspapers were using the same color for different parties.  
>> Red and Blue? Hey, that's not even good heraldry! :-) (color on color)
> Yes it IS good heraldry.  The American Flag is Red, White and Blue, and 
> White tends to get used for neutral or undecided areas.  Red and Blue 
> have good contrast with each other.
> I'm not sure why the colors fell to the parties that they did, it could 
> have gone the other way.  Red and Republican start with the same letter, 
> perhaps.
> Wikipedia has an interesting page on the subject:  
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_states_and_blue_states
> Selene

On the online comic: Comic Strip Club, http://www.comicstripclub.com
the artist had political commentary under R L C (Right, Left, Center)
with those leters drawn in Red White, and Blue.

Here's an example ... http://comicstripclub.com/2008/10/31/obama-ftw/


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