[Sca-cooks] Barbeque sauce

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 6 18:26:06 PST 2008

I was really going for the ancestral European origins of American BBQ 
styles, but we seem to have devolved into personal BBQ recipes already.

My web brower is a bit ferklempt at the moment [O thank you, Apple 
updates, I hope you get an eye infection] so I can't pull up the name,  
but Jared can probably expound on the grilled meat tradition in 
Eder-Oberstein, Germany, which was brought back by German miners from 
working in beef country in South America.  It sounds yummy, if not period. 


Heleen Greenwald wrote:
> Personally, I would love to read/hear about people's barb-Que sauces 
> from the various regions of the USA, also, does Dragonwald do anything 
> special in the way of barb-Que sauce or is that not European?  And how 
> about Austrailia....and Canada?
> Phillipa
> On Nov 6, 2008, at 2:47 PM, Susan Fox wrote:
> Party went very well indeed.  I'm not sure they all would have thought 
> I was such a Great Hostess if the crowd weren't already ecstatic, but 
> that's probably just my natural modesty talking, the buffet was okay.  
> Mom was a little embarrassed to be asked several times for the recipe 
> for her BBQ meatballs, since it was no more than frozen Costco 
> meatballs plus KC Masterpiece original bottled qsauce.  Whatever 
> works, I say.
> We could parlay this off-topic into a discussion of USAn regional BBQ 
> sauces and styles and their historical antecedents, could we?  Sweet 
> vs. Spicy vs. Vinegar/mustardy, etc.  Which flavors prevail in which 
> areas, and what was the demographic of the early settlers in those areas?
> Trying to muscle a topical discussion,
> Selene 

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