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Beef and pork combined? I've never thought of that, and I don't know why. 
When I'm doing full-fledged spaghetti, I use both beef and a pork sausage, 
and I've had chili with beef in it OR pork.  Yummmm....
The chili I've got in the crockpot for tonight is just beef, with some 
spices, a few chilis, beef broth, onion and garlic, and (oddly enough) a 
couple of T of tapioca.  I've got a recipe, *somewhere,* that uses beer for 
the liquid.  And another (actually my favorite) that uses a bottle of Thai 
chili-garlic paste.....
I can just see it now....An SCA Cooks' List Chili-Cookoff! ;o)

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> > What are "venbison" and "javelina?"  They sound very exotic....
> > (yes, I'm partly being a smartass.....)
> > --Maire
> >
> >
> Venbison is fat fingered typing.  Javelina is the collared peccary 
> (Tayassu
> tajacu).  The family Tayassuidae hold the New World ecological niche held 
> by
> pigs in the Old World.
> If you want to domesticate your chili, try beef and pork.  A two to one 
> mix
> works nicely.
> Bear 

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