[Sca-cooks] help!

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Tue Nov 11 17:09:00 PST 2008

Rather then "where I found it,"  try here's how I found it, here's how I 
verified the accuracy, and here's what I did about questionable references. 
I think you could give an hour lecture easiloy on any of the three.


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I'm teaching two classes in December on beginning medieval cooking research, 
one for adults, one for kids. The kids one I'm set on and am looking forward 
to, but the adults one has me nervous. I'm very new to period cooking and 
have been asked to teach a class on how I found my research. All of mine has 
been on-line(Florilegium[thanks Stefan!!], other SCAer's sites, .edu, .org, 
ect). How can I fill 1 hour with "here's where I found it"?

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