[Sca-cooks] BBQ

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Thu Nov 13 03:16:44 PST 2008

Greetings, I did not get around to check my mails till now,...

BBQ: we have the imported BBQ american style partly spread with the Weber 
Grills and other food stuff from the states ;-) and what Austrians and 
Germans call "Grillen" wich is mostly puttig meat pieces like steaks in all 
varieties, sausages, chickenparts on a grilling iron over hot coal (a gas 
grill is NOT a true Grill). As for sauces,  I do not think there are 
traditional bastings here in Austria wich are uniquely austrian. There are a 
couple of bastings around that use beer as liquid but I will have to check 
my books on that.
I mostly use the mediteranean method of putting the meat pieces in olive oil 
with the traditional spices of thyme, sage and rosmarry, salt and my 
peppermix, before putting them on the (electro)grill on my balcony.

I do have a (no wonder american) favorite BBQ basting sauce recipe for 
Chicken wings from the Miami spice cook book which is spicy but not to hot. 
The wings can also be grilled in a grilling pan with "wavy" bottom if you 
can't grill out side. Basicaly a chili/lime/soy or tamar/pepper mix, fast 
and easy, can be done in a hurry and adjusted to taste.

Regards Katharina
mka Susan

Drachenwald/ Vienna / Austria 

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