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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Nov 13 17:12:26 PST 2008

Katharina outlined her ideas for what sounds like a very interesting  

She mentioned a few site of interest in her area:
<<< to name just a few:
Globe museum
Kunsthistorische Museum
Austrian Museum of applied art (Tapestries, glas, lace,.., tableware)
Neidhard Fresken (the only profan ballroom to survive from the 12th  
New Imperial palace (Armour, musical instruments, historical fighting
Museum of Pharmacy and chemists
the new roman museum (had a food related theme this year)
Treasury of the Teutonic order
Vienna Historic museum
museum of military history (historical fighting demonstrations) >>>

Sounds like a lot of interesting medieval points of interest in  
Vienna? Austria?

I like to put descriptions of such medieval points of interest in the  
various files in the CULTURES section of the Florilegium,  
particularly the ones that might not show up in the usual tourist  
brochures, with idea that SCA folks that find themselves in such  
areas, whether planned or on a business trip, can find some things to  
investigate further.

I have very little for Germany or Austria and would love to have  
either short messages I can add to the current files or, even better,  
an article about such areas.

<<< Sunday: people will leave as soon as they are ready (depending on  
aranngements) or lenghten stay with local people or visit additional  
assisted by local people. >>>

Being able to stay or even just to visit with local folks would be  
wonderful on such a trip.  My wife and I aren't very much into the  
usual tourist type things, but the chance to find out about an area  
from the locals would be wonderful, especially those that share our  
interest in the medieval era.

Right now, I think I better find a job first. :-)  That and maybe in  
a year or two the exchange rates will be better.

<<< So I would realy like to hear your opinion and has someone made  
such an
event already? >>>

Not that I know of.  There are individuals who offer medieval  
oriented tours commercially and that may be one of the options my  
lady and I consider.

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