[Sca-cooks] Who gets in free to feasts.

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I agree...but unfortunately, Kingdom policy/law may interfere with your
thoughts.  Here in Atlantia, we were required to write into our local
rules/law who gets comped, and it must include at least the King and Queen
and any guests they invite to sit at High Table (if they haven't already
paid for the feast).  Because of this, small groups like the Barony to which
I belong, can't afford to comp all of the cooks and servers.  When I am
helping another cook, as I am this weekend, I either pay and consider it a
contribution to our group...or, as is the case nowadays, I simply pay the
site fee and not eat the feast.  Most of us understand that it has to be
this way.


On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 10:59 PM, Solveig Throndardottir
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> Noble Cooks!
> Greetings from Solveig!
>  Here in Meridies they have taken the possibility of divisiveness out
>> of the picture by creating Kingdom Policy regarding who can and cannot
>> be comped:
>> Autocrat
>> Head Cook
>> King & Queen
>> Prince & Princess
>> Sitting Baron & Baroness (if a Baronial event, if the Barony is
>> hosting a Kingdom event - no comp)
> Personally, I think that this is an overly large list. Generally speaking,
> I think that the people being "comped" should be limited to those
> who have to be there and whose obligations at the event prevent
> them from generally participating in the event's activities. This can
> be extended a bit when bringing in teachers from out of kingdom
> to scholae or when employing mundane experts.
> Full-time kitchen staff should generally be fed if at all possible
> especially if their kitchen duties interfere with sitting in the feast
> hall, but  they should not be comped for the site fee.
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