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  Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I don't know about you, but I always ALWAYS offer to buy 
>materials, particularly any really expensive or specialty 
>materials that my artist wishes to try.  They don't 
>always accept but I always offer. 
> Selene C.

most of the scrolls in this neck of the woods (outlands) 
are not contractual.  each award, whether promissory AoA 
or Peer level gets an original piece of artwork. 
  however, peerage level do tend to be request-a-scribe on 
the recipient's part or a scribe really wants to do the 
scroll for a buddy/student.

we do sometimes auction final scrolls by a certain scribe 
as fundraiser material.

i have been paid for some contractual, other high levels i 
did for friendship, and have 'given away' hundreds of 
dollars of artwork/supplies in my day.

but then, i have been sitting down when i did it. ;)


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