[Sca-cooks] Beef Jerky (not too OT)

Stefan li Rous stefanlirous at austin.rr.com
Fri Nov 14 18:52:34 PST 2008

Renata asked:

<<< Does anyone have a recipe for GOOD beef jerky that can be done in  
an oven rather than a BBQ or smoker? Yesteday's earthquake drill got  
me thinking about non-perishable food and I remember my late brother- 
in-law used to make this great beef jerky, which even those you hate  
the commerical stuff (like me) would eat. >>>

Beef jerky really is a dried meat. While it can be done in a low  
temperature in an oven, a food dehydrator works better. These are  
commercially available fairly inexpensively or you can make one with  
a light bulb and few other inexpensive items.

There is some info on drying foods in this file in the FOOD section  
of the Florilegium:

drying-foods-msg  (58K)  1/29/08    Drying foods in period and for  
the SCA.

There are also a number of other files in the Florilegium on  
preserving foods, both in period and today.  There was quite an  
interest in this subject back before 2000 with the Y2K scare, so you  
should still be able to find a bunch of info online if that is your  


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