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At jerky:

>> In a message dated 11/14/2008 6:17:35 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>> silverr0se at aol.com writes:
>> <<Does anyone have a recipe for GOOD beef jerky that can be done in an 
>> oven
>> rather than a BBQ or smoker? Yesteday's earthquake drill got me thinking 
>> about
>> non-perishable food and I remember my late brother-in-law used to make 
>> this
>> great beef jerky, which even those you hate the commerical stuff (like 
>> me) would
>> eat.>>

My favorite is from the arizona cookbook:

  The first version is very salty but Ok, I did leave out the salt coating 
and just used coarse ground pepper. This is the more period version, but my 
favorite is #2.
The second one works really well and tastes great. We used it with beef as 
well as with venison.

Cut round steak into thin strips. Cut with the grain (for more stringiness, 
slightly freezing the meat helps cutting fine strips). Dip strips in brine 
(1/4 cup salt to a gallon water). Dip only until meat is no longer red. 
Drain well. Coat meat with pepper on both sides.

mix 1/2 cup of soy sauce, 1/2 teaspoon herb salt 1/2 teaspoon lemon pepper.
Trim fat from Flank steak. Cut steak with grain into strips 1/8 inch thick. 
Toss with mix. drain and put on wire rack in single layer over baking sheet. 
bake in slow oven max 150-170F (we used about 130F, meat should dry but not 
cook). Over night for about 10-12 hours.
Beef jerky should not be crisp. If it is, temp was to high
I bought a square wire rack for resting cookies or cakes on, this has a 
finer wire as an oven rack. This fits in my oven and lets air on the meat 
from both sides.

Next time I will try the drying methode with hanging strips from skewers.

Stefan asked:
> What is a "Pension"?  In the US it is a retirement plan which most
> companies are trying to wiggle out of.
> Thanks,
>    Stefan

At Hostels  and Pensions (guesthouse or Boarding house).

Unfortunately Stefan is right, the air fare is the much biger attack on your 
budget than the stay:
(while we hope the $/€ rate will stay as it is, you are at a disadvantage 
here too, and Vienna is not cheap)

There are some  Hostels in Vienna that are not only catering to the jung 
students any more, which have double and single rooms.
pensions are small guesthouse (in the country side) or boarding houses. In 
case of cities they are either very small hotels or very big flats converted 
to accomodate more people.

The Pensions are usually nice but hard to get in, we did have visitors from 
the state sleeping in one wich was basically a real big flat with seperate 
rooms and a shared bathroom. Most of them follow this basic outlay and are 
in old building within the city, some are even Right in the first district.

a quick peek on the internet showed some of the hostels/hotels do have extra 
rooms and can be booked by older pepole (eg. Meininger on the web page 


here another site for pensions:



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