[Sca-cooks] A note from your friendly List Admin

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Nov 16 11:04:20 PST 2008

Is there some reason why this post that appears to be in response to a 
note posted by
*HRM Gunthar*
/and dated Fri Aug 22 09:06:36 PDT 2008/
is appearing now on the list?
Are things so heated up at the moment that we deserve to be cautioned?
It's been three months after all since the original warning and
this response just appeared in my mailbox at 11:01 am on November 16th.
Why now???


Martin G. Diehl wrote:
> Michael Gunter wrote:
>> I've noticed some people are getting a bit lazy.
>> Please trim your posts. Quote only what you
>> are answering.
>> Change the Subject Line.
> And please use "Reply" _only_ when replying to a thread.
> On starting a new thread (that is, an entirely new subject),
> please use "Compose" (or the equivalent in your eMail client).
>> Discussions have started to get a bit heated
>> and be careful when speaking in derogatory
>> terms about people.
>> snipped
>> Thanks,
>> Gunthar Evil List Admin 
> Vincenzo

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