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Moramarsh at aol.com Moramarsh at aol.com
Sun Nov 16 17:23:46 PST 2008

Blazon plug for our store!    We carry all the listed herbs  in stock and 
_www.dragonmarsh.com_ (http://www.dragonmarsh.com) 
grains of paradise, cubebs, long pepper, galangal, santal, quatre  spices, 
Irish meat rub, Mora's Herbal Harmony spice blend. (like Mrs Dash but no  salt, 
pepper , preservatives or sugars)
Look at our Spice Blends under Dragon's Kitchen.
Any pound or more orders are priced 20% lower than oz prices. ( less labels  
and labor passed on to you)
FREE SPICES FOR FEASTS (under 8 oz total Please) will be provided free for  
use by your SCA group.
Please send request with your groups feastocrats list of needs and  contact 
information. This donation is our way of giving back for allowing us to  toot 
our own horn.
Riverside, CA
Beautiful Downtown Dreiburgen, CAID
In a message dated 11/16/2008 7:02:59 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
macbrighid at campus.ie writes:

I'm  needing a large quantity of mustard seed to teach a class, and 
> if I  could find a site with grains of paradise, cubebs, and long 
> pepper  too, that would be great. I'd like to make one order online 
> to stock  my shelves. Any  suggestions?

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