[Sca-cooks] Stained Glass (was: Who gets in Free)

Stanza693 at wmconnect.com Stanza693 at wmconnect.com
Mon Nov 17 13:10:24 PST 2008

OOOOooooo!  Stained glass can be so pretty.  Our current baron received a 
stained glass "scroll" for his Knighthood.  It was gorgeous!


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sca-cooks-request at lists.ansteorra.org writes:

> How about making the second a stained-glass "scroll"? Then you could  
> use some of that window space. :-)
> (Stained glass work sounds like it is going to be making a  
> renaissance in our barony, as they are planning on starting a stained- 
> glass guild in January)
> Stefan
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