[Sca-cooks] Fish at feasts

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Nov 20 11:50:30 PST 2008

>What I would love to do is a whole roast fish "swimming" on a bed of decorated rice, with green sorrel verjuice on top and sprinkled with small whole shrimp.

That sounds so pretty!   Will the fish be laying on its side or actually swimming?  I could see some serving issues there.

You might want to set a little rice aside unplated, for anyone with seafood allergies.

>Have you ever served fish at a feast? How? How was it received?

I wasn't the head cook, but a few years ago, one of our local feasts served a whole salmon to each table.  Salmon has rather big bones, and the meat is easily separated.  Some tables picked the bones clean, a couple didn't seem to notice that the fish had two sides, one table hardly touched it. Most were in between.  Overall, they ate about 75% what was served. During cleanup, I picked apart the carcasses and took the leftovers home. :)

Fish wont stand reheating or even being kept hot for long, when its ready you have to serve it quickly. 


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