[Sca-cooks] Fish at feasts

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I don't recall who originated it, but one of the pearls of wisdom I have
heard in regards to food served at feast is "Only one weird looking dish and
only one weird tasting dish, and don't make it the same dish." I never
expect everyone to eat every dish I serve for a feast, but there should be
enough variety in the dishes that everyone goes home satisfied.


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My dh doesn't eat fish, so we simply avoid those feasts that feature it. 
I'm sure that there are those (like me) who would see out a feast 
featuring uncommon foods.

As long as you advertise well, I wouldn't expect any problems.


Gretchen Beck wrote:
> That said, I've served a couple of fish dishes at feasts -- with
> considerable success. There were some people who didn't eat it, and some
> who didn't like it, but most people both ate and liked.

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