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Madhavi asked:
<<< I am dallying with the idea of serving fish at a feast I'm doing  
in February, based on Chiqart and Menagier of Paris. What I would  
love to do is a whole roast fish "swimming" on a bed of decorated  
rice, with green sorrel verjuice on top and sprinkled with small  
whole shrimp. I have been warned away from doing this dish because  
"people don't eat fish at feasts" and "what about the bones?". So.

Have you ever served fish at a feast? How? How was it received? >>>

First, Welcome to SCA-Cooks!

Yes, I have eaten fish at SCA feasts.

It looks like you have already gotten a number of replies to your  
question, but you might also want to check some of the comments in  
this file in the FEASTS section of the Florilegium:

feasts-fish-msg   (34K) 10/ 9/08    Serving fish at SCA feasts.

In the same section is also this review of a feast centered on fish.
fish-feast-art     (6K)  3/29/00    Details and recipes for a mid-Lent
                                        "fish feast" by Rudd Rayfield.

There are a number of files about fish and fish recipes in the FOOD- 
MEATS section as well, just in case you need more.

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