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> <<< Another big success was a filet (essentiall a 1/2 of the fish slab,
> deskinned and deboned -- as you buy it at the warehouse club) of salmon
> roasted on a grill then poached in wine served with a long pepper sauce.
> >>>
> Ohhh. This sounds wonderful.  Did you use red or white wine?  Recipe for
> the long pepper sauce, please?

I used white wine. It's an interpretation of the Fresh Salmon in yellow
pepper sauce recipe from the Vaindier. I don't have the recipe written down
(the computer with the kitchen recipes went up without backup some time ago

But -- here's Scully's translation
Saumon frais: It should be larded, and keep the spine in it for roasting;
then pick it apart by layers, and cook it in water and wine, with salt. It
should be eaten with yellow Pepper Sauce or with Cameline Sauce.

Poivre jaune (Yellow pepper sauce): Grind ginger, long pepper, saffron --
and some people add in cloves with verjuice and toast; infuse this in
vinegar (var: verjuice) and boil it when you are about to serve your meat.

I didn't lard, but did baste with olive oil. Grilled the salmon briefly
over coals, (which pretty much guarenteed the "separate into layers" part,
as I recall), and poached them stovetop in white wine and water..

No verjuice for the sauce (hadn't discovered the source for that yet), so
it was vinegar based. Just did as instructed (and in this case, just
measured out enough vinegar to serve all the tables, brought it to a boil,
and dumped stuff into it until it smelled right -- bad, I know, but it
worked in this case.)  It's been a few years, so my memory of the recipe is
not the best.

toodles, margaret

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