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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Interesting.  I think another point in favor of that being a glass  
blowers or other furnace rather than an oven is the fact that the  
illumination shows flames and while that could just be artistic  
license, craft furnaces are typically worked with flame in them,  
right? While the beehive oven is originally heated with a fire, but  
it is then raked out. The furnace would likely be hotter as well,  
right? And thus more effective.

I think it more resembles a medieval glass blowers furnace than a bee  
oven.  The two are similar in shape, but without a full view, it's
impossible to tell.  Since it is a religious print, I think "cast  
into the
furnace" might be more appropriate than "popped into the oven."


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I found this while doing research on something else. Isn't that a  
oven the poor unfortunate is being stuffed into?
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