[Sca-cooks] Persimmons

Jane Merrilees janemerrilees at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 23 10:08:58 PST 2008

Milords and Miladys,
I have been lurking for a few months and have learned sooo much. I come to you now for...
I have been gifted with a half gallon of small, wild persimmons. Can't remember if they should be cooked prior to pulping. Also have thought of drying them whole and/or mixing with some ground venison. (I have about two pounds.) As discussed in jerky. The persimmons need to ripen for a few days and the venison needs to thaw. But I will need to do something when the time is right!
Any suggestions would be welcomed,
Elspeth of Myrge Laese
SW Virginia


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