[Sca-cooks] Question about rue....

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 06:36:54 PST 2008

OK...I understand that rue is probably not a good thing to use in cooking,
that it can have some unfortunate side effects.  Am I correct in this?  If
so, does anyone have any idea what to do about all those recipes from the
Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook that call for the herb?  I'm contemplating
using a number of Andalusian recipes for my Middle Eastern feast in
February, but worry about all of that rue!  I don't want to "rue" my
choices...nor for my diners to do so!  ;-)

Also...I have run across a number of references to a measurement called *
kail*.  Any idea how much that would be?



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