[Sca-cooks] OOP - Selecting the new White House Executive Chef

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Tue Nov 25 07:35:07 PST 2008

Samia wrote:
Am I the only one who thinks this does not belong on this list?

My apologies if you find the material unsuitable.  Compared to some things
we discuss, this is right on target.  I did use the "OOP" designation in the
subject line, which stands for "Out Of Period", although I didn't use "OT"
which generally stands for "Off Topic".  I felt the selection of the new
White House Chef was certainly a topic within the realm of things that cooks
discuss.  In period, if there was a new King, the local cooks would
certainly be abuzz about who the new Head Cook at the castle would be!  

Perhaps my posting of Elizabethan Turkey recipes will give you more of the
sort of topic you expect from this list. 

Kingstaste wrote:
> An interesting article in today's Yahoo news:
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081124/ap_on_re_us/obama_chef

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