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Cranberry-Apple-Orange Salad, with pecans:  go thou and find the recipe, for I have it not here at work. . .
A little less confrontational, from cheese-for-brains memory:  combine cranberries and orange juice concentrate with a little water, cook just barely (*maybe* until first berry goes "pop"); fold in diced apples, thinly sliced / diced celery, and pecan pieces (halved or quarted halves).  Maybe a bit of cinnamon for spicing?  Maybe a bit of sweetener if the orange juice isn't enough?? 
One variation includes cottage cheese cooked in, but I prefer to serve with an OPTIONAL bed of cottage cheese.ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe / Adieu, Amra Mike C. Baker / Kihe Blackeagle Opinions? I'm FULL of 'em SCA: al-Sayyid Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra, F.O.B, OSCA "Other": Reverend Kihe Blackeagle PULC (the DreamSinger Bard) alt. e-mail: KiheBard at hotmail.com Buy my writings!: http://www.lulu.com/WizardsDen http://www.livejournal.com/users/kihebard/ > To: sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org> Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 17:28:09 -0500> From: chawkswrth at aol.com> Subject: [Sca-cooks] OT&OOP-Cranberries> > OK-my memory was just jogged....> > I have somehow landed about a pound of fresh Cranberries. It was one of those "That looks interesting" SNATCH buys. > I have no idea what I was thinking. > I have no earthly idea what to do with them! > I have searched all of the cookbooks I have, only to find variations of cranberry sauce. Surely there is more to?this good-for-you fruit?then that....> > I would welcome an idea or three....> > > thanks!> > Helen> At work, brain dead, when does this holiday start, again?> _______________________________________________> Sca-cooks mailing list> Sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org> http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/sca-cooks-ansteorra.org
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