[Sca-cooks] Cooking for Power

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Tue Nov 25 14:54:30 PST 2008

Elaine Koogler wrote:

Maestro Martino had nothing to do with Aragon or Castile...he was
Italian, and appears to have traveled all over Italy, including Naples.  Not
sure where I picked up the Norman reference, but then I'm often confused
these days!  He did most of his work in the mid fifteenth century, including
a stint as cook for one of the Szforzas.

IIRC = If I recall correctly.  Sorry, thought it was a commonly used

Bernardo Scappi was an Italian as well.  Mistress Helewyse has translated a
large part of his cookery book and a new translation of it by Terence Scully
is due out soon.  He did his work in the 16th century.  I know he worked for
a couple of Popes, but I'm not sure if they were either de Medici or

Sorry if my comments confused anyone...they weren't meant to!

I continue totally confused. I know Marinto was Italian but don´t know why he enters this subject much less Scappi.
I think we are talking about hericot??? What has that to do with power?

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>> >> 'Cooking for Power', why did you title your message as such?
>> >> Please enlighten us ignorants a little. I try not to study Aragon as my
>> >> realm in Castile is so vast so I cannot remember Martino's era but I thought
>> >> it after Nola. I thought the Norman rulers went out long before Martino you
>> >> know like soon after Roger the Anjou bring replaced by the House of Aragon.
>> >> Marintino is after Ferran, Alfonso the V's bastard, no???
>> >> What does IIRC mean?
>> >> Scappi rings a bell. Was he a Borgia cook or am I off? But you know there
>> >> is a great subject there. - The cooks for the Borgias!!! Ha and the cooks
>> >> for the Medicci!!! I seem to remember a Lorenzo in Florencia. . .
>> >> Suey
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