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Iasmin asked:

<<< And when it comes down to it, as we go back in history, have  
their been
other books more related to our research? Perhaps the head cooks of the
various major houses and families in Europe or the Middle East?  
Certainly we
can find historical info on X named chef, but I was thinking  
something more
on the order of a broad swathe. Something like "Head Chef's to the  
Monarchy" or something similar for other cultures. >>>

I don't remember any general book on a number of period chefs.   
However, if it has been discussed here it would possibly be in this  
file in the FEASTS section of the Florilegium. I do know there are a  
number of comments on different chefs and, I think, some mentions of  
books on individual chefs.

p-cooks-msg       (50K) 10/26/08    Comments on specific period cooks.

There might also be some mentions of books about medieval chefs in  
this file:

p-menus-msg       (64K)  3/24/08    Examples of medieval feast menus.

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