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<<The house I bought 18 months ago has what is likley the oldest heater in 
Sweetwater County.  It takes up a footprint of 6 ft x 5 ft by 5 ft.  It will 
require disassemble and pass through the trapdoor hole. >>

We have an old forced air heater like that, too.  The man from the oil 
company is downstairs cleaning it at the moment :-)  It's still giving us something 
like 86% efficiency ratings (it's far too big for the house so it has never 
had to work that hard), so we aren't considering replacing it yet.  We've owned 
the home for nearly 11 years, and we have no idea when this was installed, but 
it could easily be more than 30 years old.  The house was built in 1947; I 
would guess this could be original.
Brangwayna Morgan
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