[Sca-cooks] Iron Chef for the Wii

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Nov 26 14:36:42 PST 2008

 From Alton Brown's website--
... I can finally go up against the likes of Mario Batali, Cat Cora and
Masaharu Morimoto on my Wii console. That's right food fans, Iron Chef
is coming to a Wii near you and if your slicin', dicin', stirin',
measurin', whiskin', and general cooking skills are up to snuff, you may
just walk away a champion. But even if you fail to convince the judges
of your brilliance you'll have hours of culinary fun with me and the
gang, not to mention a cadre of brand new iron chefs, each with their
own specialties. Allez cuisine indeed.

Hits stores around November 7 for the DS and December 5 for the Wii version.
www.ironchefamericagame.com <http://www.ironchefamericagame.com/>


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