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Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Nov 29 18:58:35 PST 2008

It's a principality high in the Pyrenees that was created in the late 13th 
Century with a dual suzereignity between the Bishop of Urghel in Spain and 
the Count of Foix in France.  Needless to say, the inhabitants carefully 
picked which courts to plead any given case in and stayed joyfully 
independent.  It's been officially independent since 1993 (IIRC), although 
it still pays a yearly tribute to the President of France and the Bishop of 
Urghel.  Being less than 200 sq.miles, having a population of less than 10 
people per sq. mile, and being so high it has a miserably short growing 
season, the primary trade for centuries was smuggling between France and 
Spain.  I understand that it has been trying to make itself a tax haven and 
financial center as the EU has cut into the smuggling business.


> I've never heard of it! Where is it? (besides Europe)
> --Maire
>> Andorra!  Take a side trip and walk across Andorra on the way!  I've 
>> always
>> wanted to hike/tour the tiny countries of Europe.  Must be because I 
>> liked
>> Wibberly's Mouse books so much as a youngster.
>> Daniel

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