[Sca-cooks] water - way of St. James

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sun Nov 30 02:47:09 PST 2008

> There several routes. The most come is the French route going 
> from Paris to Santiago de Compestela via Burgos and Leon. Another route ...
> Stefan's msg does not deal the dangers of polluted rivers as does the
> 10th Century text I read, fferent minerals affect my stomach.

> > If you come across the details of this 10th century book on water  
> > quality, I'd love to add that information to this file.
> You don't want it. It's in old Spanish and very hard reading for me 
> and I can't find it so forget it..

Could it be the 12th century Latin Liber sancti Jacobi, also known as Codex Calixtinus, which, in the fifth section (the pilgrim's guide) mentions four established routes to Santiago and in chapter 6 of said section deals with "Rios buenos y malos en el Camino de Santiago", if I may quote the Spanish translation of the text by Millán Bravo Lozano in his book "Guía del Peregrino Medieval" (1989).

If this is not the source you had in mind, please try to remember ...



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