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Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 1 11:10:16 PDT 2008

Welcome to your new furbaby!

Let me start by saying that I have only rarely lived with cats, I'm a 
pretty dedicated dog person.  No particular objection to cats, mind you. 

That being said:  I'm not sure flour would really register on a cat as 
gravel-like enough in which dig and defecate;  if he did, his little 
paws would track flour all over the house. 

Also,  I'm a bit dubious about "flushable" anything.  In this case:  as 
the starch particles soak, they expand and you could have a toilet 
blockage to deal with.  Legumes, even more so.  If it were I, I would 
probably get a little garbage pail with a liner and lid and dispose of 
the "evidence" once a day in the household trash.


Suey wrote:
>    I have a 7 week old kitten, perfectly trained in his box¡ but I 
> have a plastic trainer seat sent from the states. You put it on top of 
> the toilet with cat litter when the cat is 3 months old and can jump 
> more easily. The first week it has no hole so he covers his excretions 
> as normal.. The second week you open a perforated hole in the middle 
> and the second week another bigger one, less litter each week, etc 
> until you only have the size of a human toilet seat left. Then you 
> remove the plastic seat and he does his thing on your toilet seat. The 
> problem is that Chile does not sell flushable cat litter. Frustrated, 
> I thought I would order some from the states. A 4 lb bag costs $8.00, 
> shipment is some $200 to mail to Santiago!
>    I consulted the pillow. I am wondering if flour can not substitute 
> litter in the training seat. Then I see things like oatmeal, wheat, 
> split peas (flour?). . .  other mentions are beyond my knowledge in 
> finding them such as natural pine pellets and paper pellets. The 
> bottom line is that whatever goes into that training seat has to be 
> flushable and I have to be able to find them!
>    Any suggestions are most welcome.
> Suey
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