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In the stores here in the states, there is a cat litter made from wood dust, 
pine I think, that is flushable. We tried it, the humans loved it, but the 
cat didn't. FYI, the absorbent cat litter is clay-based and _will_ clog your 
toilet.  I have heard you can toilet train a cat, but you have to start 
young. Good luck!

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Good Morning America on ABC this am  did a segment that included
make your own cat litter.
I just wonder if you aren't going to have to go to another type of
litter box
and use sand or what is available in Chile.


Suey wrote:
>    I have a 7 week old kitten, perfectly trained in his box¡ but I have a 
> plastic trainer seat sent from the states. snipped The bottom line is that 
> whatever goes into that training seat has to be flushable and I have to be 
> able to find them!
>    Any suggestions are most welcome.
> Suey

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