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    Thank you so much Daniel and Elizsabeth Phelps and Johanna.
    One of my husband's employees just left my house and he promised to 
save me a black garbage bag of shredded paper so I can try out this 
method. Also I think it will be cleaner than newspaper as they used such 
cheap ink but we shall see if office letters or whatever can get down to 
oatmeal consistency.
    Someone mentioned that cats must be taught the human toilet method 
very young. My kitten is seven weeks so he grabs the sheets of the bed 
to climb up like a rope and cannot jump up to the sofa yet. The toilet 
instructions read not to start until cat is three months old and then it 
is a month or six weeks in training. It is interesting but it needs 
personal attention. I think  $200 of kitty litter per year multiplied by 
a lifetime of cats makes me want to give this a try but it will be a few 
months before I can reply on progress but the propaganda reads that it 
can be done at any age.
   My therapist released me today. Those of you who have been following 
the story, the way my husband saved my life in November when without 
knowing what a urinary infection is took me to the hospital when the 
infection exploded and stopped my kidneys from functioning the moment he 
carried me into emergency. The infection ran up to my lungs. With that I 
had to stop smoking after 40 years or live with an oxygen tank. A 
psychiatrist drugged me till me husband carried me elsewhere and in July 
rushed me to emergency again. They thought I had had a heart attack. I 
said no way. I had pneumonia caused by a strange virus. I was released 
from hospital in a week. Two days later husband took me back. I had 
another pneumonia in the other lung for a different virus.
     Total, I came out crazy.  I was depressed and had no reason to work 
or do anything and was spitting at the world.
    My husband had to take his mother to Europe cause he promised her 
that for her 80th b-day. It was not the right moment but what can one do 
with mother-in-laws?
    I found this red kitten filled with fleas and parasites in the 
poorest part of Santiago with his 10 brothers and sisters and three 
aunts and mother. I have cleaned him and he is now my best kitty cat 
friend. My therapist asked me not to come back today for now I have this 
little one fortifying my husband's ideas/wishes. They are teaching me 
day by day, step by step to be proud of myself for having been able to 
quit smoking after 40 years. They love me because I love them. For that 
they want to please me as I want to please them.
    Life is a hard trial to make us more mature and aim to be wiser. 
Tiny pets can be as essential as older knowledgeable spouses.
> From: "Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps" 
> In the stores here in the states, there is a cat litter made from wood dust, 
> pine I think, that is flushable. We tried it, the humans loved it, but the 
> cat didn't. FYI, the absorbent cat litter is clay-based and _will_ clog your 
> toilet.  I have heard you can toilet train a cat, but you have to start 
> young. Good luck!
> Isabella
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> Good Morning America on ABC this am  did a segment that included
> make your own cat litter.
> http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=5923103&page=1
> I just wonder if you aren't going to have to go to another type of
> litter box
> and use sand or what is available in Chile.
> Johnnae

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