[Sca-cooks] A call for hugs for Renata

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 2 08:46:03 PDT 2008

>> Please send good wishes and hugs to Renata-they found the wreckage of her uncle's plane:

I was wondering about that whole affair in this past week... it's hard 
to lose a whole plane.   The family has been in my prayers.
> Steve Fosset is Renata's uncle? Wow.
> Gunthar

Yup.  Medb Renata is a pretty remarkable person too.  Laurel and Pelican 
in Caid.  Art forms for which she has earned awards include knitting, 
naalbinding and juggling.

[Just for clarity's sake:  That's Mistress Medb Renata, not Mistress 
Renata Kestryl of Highwynds who is on this list.]


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