[Sca-cooks] testing bread recipes with Peter Reinhart

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 2 10:14:54 PDT 2008

>>I've applied.
>Me too.  I have all his books except for the pizza book, which I guess I 
>need now that I know about it.  He has just opened up a pizza restaurant 
>called Pie Town, the second best pie restaurant name next to the fictional 
>Pie Hole.  ;-)
>Selene Colfox

I get the impression (assuming we're all accepted, and I think chances are 
good) that it would be ok for us to discuss questions (but NOT recipes!) 
here, to bounce ideas around for improving instructions or changing small 
things.  Along the lines of "how do you deal with a dough so slack?" or "I 
followed instructions and the loaf came out all wet inside, what can cause 


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